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The Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network (KFCIN) is the inbound gateway for filming in Korea. KFCIN provides firsthand information on how to film in Korea, general info on Korea, locations, available incentives, filming permits etc. The network also connects to local film professionals and production service companies.
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The Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network supports location scouting and research for projects planning to
film in Korea.
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The Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network also acts as a gateway/interface between the regional film commissions and the international film team who wants to apply for filming support.

Filming support varies from commission to commission. However, in general the commissions act as a liaison for film permits for locations owned or operated by regional authorities or its affiliated entities including:

- Major landmarks in the region
- Public buildings such as city halls, district offices, public museums, police stations etc.
- All kinds of public spaces, places and squares
- Parks and recreational facilities
- Traffic facilities such as streets, roads and highways, bridges, underpasses etc.
- Public transport facilities such as subways and railways
- Any other facility owned or operated by the authority of the region.
The commissions also arrange traffic control, road closure, communicating inconveniences to the public,
and temporary parking spaces for film vehicles.
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